Concrete Bathroom Furnishings

Jasper de Haan | Architects developed a line of concrete bathroom furnishings in
collaboration with IBC Betonbouw, specialists in concrete construction.

The initial reason for developing this product line was a bathroom design for a private client. Existing furnishings did not meet the demands of either architect or client.

Aside from aesthetic criteria, the project was defined by demands of sustainability, honesty in materials and the possibility of reuse. As a material, concrete satisfied all
these wishes and demands.

The final product resulted in an industrial design of both purity and substance, as well as offering
sustainability and integrity. Each of the furnishings is based on a tile
size of 147 mm + 3 mm grouting. Thanks to the use of an impregnating wax
typically used for terrazzo, the concrete is guaranteed to be stain-resistant
and easy to clean. The first prototypes have already been
installed. This series of concrete bathroom
furnishings consists of a small and a large sink, a bathroom counter with sink,
a bidet and a bathtub.

Jasper de Haan Architecten