Karel Appel back in Amsterdam

In 1999 Karel Appel commissioned the renovation and furnishing of a new office, painter’s studio and ceramics studio in the Lutmastraat in Amsterdam. After half a century, Appel was back in Amsterdam. It was incredible to work with someone who had collaborated with Oud, Rietveld, Van Eyck and many more. Who had drunk wine in La Coupole with Yves Klein and Armand. And who could recognize and name individual RAL colors.

Sturdy, functional tables on wheels were designed for the painter, made of beech wood and African Padauk. The kitchen was made of terrazzo with shimmering mother-of-pearl aggregate. Clean-cut and geometrical, but cheery and fresh. As private a person as he was, the only available photographs are from just before completion and from the ‘party’ to commemorate the closure of the studio after his death.

Jasper de Haan Architecten
Client: Karel Appel Foundation
Location: Amsterdam
Year: 1999-2000
Size: 1.000 m2