House with one door

Renovation of a shotgun apartment

This project concerned the renovation of a shotgun apartment, 28 meters long and less than 4 meters wide. Daylight enters only at either end, with doors that open onto spacious terraces. The length of the apartment is emphasized and dramatized rather than masked.

There is a 70 cm passageway on either side of the bathroom. The sightlines are arranged to allow a view from one terrace door to the other, 28 meters away. The only door in the apartment is that of the toilet. The kitchen counter is set in the middle of the space. It is 7,5 meters long, with the dining table forming its extension. The bathroom separates the sleeping area from the rest of the house. It contains a double shower and sink, a laundry space and walk-in closet, a toilet and a worktable. The pipe boxing that runs the full length of the apartment contains all the new piping and 27 spotlights to illuminate the darkest area. There is oak wood flooring at either end, and warm grey linoleum at
the center.

Jasper de Haan Architecten
Client: Private
Location: Amsterdam
Year: 2003-2005
Size: 110 m2