Latent Space NAi Groaning walls and sighing spaces

Exhibition space to accommodate the work of various artists and architects, including Diller + Scofidio, Katharina Bosse, Ricci Albenda, Alex Schweder, Elmgreen + Dragset en Aziz + Cucher. All of the artworks were brought together in one large installation.

1 white wall with the artworks.
1 curved wall/floor covered in phosporescent paint.
2 black curtains with the split lined in white fabric.

The lighting is dynamic. It changes from a normal viewing level (4 minutes) to very bright (1 minute) and then turns off, leaving the phosphorescent paint as the only light source (1,5 minutes), after which it returns to normal levels.
The light emitted by the paint allows the audience to see everything in the ‘dark’. At this stage you can walk away from your own shadow, which remains visible on the wall. This temporary [trace / impression / imprint] of the viewer enters into a relation with the Heat-Seats created by Jürgen Mayer. The installation as a whole engages in a dialogue with the theme of the exhibition, the sublime experience as an aesthetic category.

Exhibition: Henry Urbach with Aaron Betsky and Jasper de Haan
Client: Netherlands Architecture Institute
Location: Rotterdam
Year: 2002

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