Streetwise 2

As part of a lecture series, Design and Culture, The dimensions of public space, of the Academie van Bouwkunst in Rotterdam, Jasper de Haan invited three speakers for a public lecture around this years theme of the academy: STREETWISE.
The first one was by Arie Graafland on september 9
Jeroen Boomgaard will lecture at september 23 about art and public space.
at 20:00 hours at De Unie in Rotterdam. Be welcome!
The third guest speaker is not yet confirmed.


Art in public space seems to be able to reach a general public that usually does not frequent musea and galleries. Still works in public space a supposed to do more: find acceptance from specific target groups, create social cohesion and identity, make bad neighborhoods better etc, etc. But what effect are they relay supposed to have, what do we expect from art and what can works of art do? And what is the effect the have on the space we try to share and that we call public?

Next Door

Since the bar/restaurant de Unie is closed, due to budget cuts of the municipality of Rotterdam, the entrance is the first door on the right.
18 september 2013