Streetwise 3

As part of a lecture series, Design and Culture, The dimensions of public space, of the Academie van Bouwkunst in Rotterdam, Jasper de Haan invited three speakers for a public lecture around this years theme of the academy: STREETWISE.
The first one was by Arie Graafland on september 9
Jeroen Boomgaard lectured at september 23 about art and public space, and the last lecture was by Egebert Stolk, Urban designer and resaarcher at the TUDelft  oktober 7 at 20:00 hours at De Unie in Rotterdam.

calculating the urban quality

Recently the book ‘Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age’ co-authored by urban designer Egbert Stolk shed a light on the frontrunners of urban design theory. These new idea’s on complexity of design and modelling these featured also on the INTI-seminar ‘New Town Simulation’ organized by Stolk. Currently he holds a research position at the TU Delft chair of Environmental Design.

Next Door

Since the bar/restaurant de Unie is closed, due to budget cuts of the municipality of Rotterdam, the entrance is the first door on the right.
3 oktober 2013