Gastdocent Dessau

Jasper de Haan zal vanaf oktober 2012 gastdocent zijn bij het Dessau Institute of Architecture in de Bauhaus city of Dessau.
Naast de lezingen reeks "Fuck Detail?" verzorgt bij samen met Lara Schrijver een ontwerpstudio waar de studenten een kippenhok moeten ontwerpen, onder de titel: "Chicken Run"

architecture, from conception to construction

The studio is focused on the entire design process of architecture, from analysis of the program brief to a design concept, as well as actual construction. As such, the studio is organized around the connection between the theory – the architectural position or idea – and its constructed, material manifestation – the building.



To allow for the full construction process, the program for this studio is small: a chicken coop for 8 chickens.

This coop is to be added to a canonic house from a selective list, including the Gehry House, Schindler’s Lovell beach house, the Vanna Venturi house, the Tugendhat house, and others. The students will be required to study the house of their choice both as a constructed object (details, structure, materials, plans) and as a material idea – situated within the oeuvre of its architect. The student’s proposal may be added anywhere to the house (roof, facade, vertically, expanded out) as long as it is on the site.


From this basic premise, and the program of the chicken coop, students are asked to not only design but also build the coop. In the process of construction, issues arise that are typically not foreseen within the space of the drawing. It is in the attention to the ‘tell-the-tale detail’ that the theoretical position of the architect becomes tangible.


As such, this studio turns the typical pedagogy of the design studio on its head. The typical process consists of elaborate analysis of the program that results in designs. The final realization of a design is often perceived as a secondary process, in which the architectural idea must be defended against compromise. This studio instead argues that the theoretical position is tested (and at best, refined) through the messy reality of actual building. It is thus the small architectural object that allows for an in-depth study of idea and execution – to which the canonic houses themselves stand testimony.


At the end of the studio, the students will present their analysis and their design – as concept, as drawing, and as full-scale constructed object.

Het is een feest om in het Bauhaus gebouw van Gropius te zijn. Met de meubels van Breuer. En dan kom je ook nog de Rotterdamse Bijenkorf van Breuer tegen in Dessau.
26 september 2012